EV Charging Stations: Is It More Feast or Complete Famine?

Mar 1, 2023 | EV

EV Charging Stations
EV Charging Stations

The EV revolution is here, and it’s gaining momentum. EV charging stations are popping up all over the UK, making it easier for drivers to switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles. As of January 1st, 2023, there are now nearly 39,000 stations available in the country. This number is expected to keep growing as EV adoption continues to rise.

Most EV charging stations are Level 2 (240-volt). These are used for overnight charging, while Level 3 (DC fast charge) stations can recharge quickly on long trips. Charging infrastructure is constantly improving so EV owners can easily stay on the road and charge their cars.

However, EV drivers still face challenges when travelling long distances – often due to a lack of EV charging availability along their route. Many companies and organizations have taken it upon themselves to develop better EV charging access nationwide to address this issue. This includes establishing more EV charge points, making them easy to find and use with apps or online maps, and giving EV owners access to home-charging solutions.

The need for EV charge points extends beyond the UK borders – countries worldwide are investing in infrastructure improvements so those who wish to switch from fossil fuels can do so without interruption or limitation. EV charging stations provide an invaluable service that allows people to move away from traditional energy sources and explore cleaner alternatives without fear of running out of power on their journey.

EV Charging Stations: Are There Enough?

It’s no secret that EV charging stations have become increasingly popular in the UK over the past few years. But with more and more EV owners on the road, is there enough charging infrastructure to keep up?

The short answer is: yes! EV charging points throughout the UK have increased by almost 70% since 2018. That being said, this number could still be considered low, seeing so many EVs are currently registered in the country.

There’s no doubt that EV ownership has been growing exponentially. This means it’s essential for even more EV charging points to meet the rising demand. Fortunately, the UK government has promised to invest £1.3 billion worth of EV charging infrastructure over the next few years. This should be enough to meet the EV owners’ needs.

However, EV charging stations aren’t just about quantity; they need to be convenient and accessible as well. Today, EV owners can find EV charging points across major UK cities, including London, Manchester, and Birmingham. But what if you live outside of these cities? Unfortunately, some areas still lack EV charging availability or reliable coverage.

EV Charging Stations: various options for EV chargers

Mobile EV charging stations provide a much-needed service for electric vehicle owners. They can reliably and quickly charge their vehicles while on the go. There are now a variety of manufacturers offering mobile EV charging solutions that are both cost-effective and convenient. These mobile EV chargers come in portable, wall-mounted, and even solar-powered. Some EV chargers can deliver up to 50kW of power, enough to charge most electric vehicles in under an hour.

Mobile EV charging stations also feature user-friendly interfaces and provide real-time performance monitoring through smartphone apps. This makes it easy for drivers to stay informed about their EV’s battery health and condition. Furthermore, some EV charging station providers allow users to pay for their services via mobile payment methods, These include the widely used Apple Pay and Google Pay.


The UK has come a long way regarding EV charging infrastructure and availability. However, more work must be done to keep up with the rising demand. We can confidently hope for an agreeable balance between supply and demand with continued investments from the government and support from EV charge network providers. For further information, contact EV Boost and learn everything you need to know about EV charging stations.

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