EV Charging at Home: How to Get Best Results

Mar 1, 2023 | EV Battery


EV charging at home is becoming increasingly popular. Many EV owners prefer the convenience of charging their vehicles in the comfort of their homes. Level 1 charging is generally slower because it utilizes a standard 120-volt household outlet. Generally, It could take up to 24 hours to fully charge an EV. Alternatively, a Level 2 charging station provides faster EV charging. It typically requires a dedicated 240-volt electrical circuit installed by a licensed electrician.

EV Charging at Home: Installation

To install, you’ll need to upgrade your electrical panel and run a new circuit from the board to the installation point. With this type of charging station, most EV models can expect full charge within 4-8 hours, allowing you to “fill up” your battery overnight. EV charging requires an increased power demand, so you’ll need to ensure your electrical system is adequate. An electrician can advise whether upgrades or additional wiring may be needed before installing.

Financial incentives are available through some local utility companies. This can help offset some of the cost of installing a Level 2 EV charging station. Additionally, many new EV models come with their own Level 2 charger. Ultimately, accessing a system such as this provides convenience and peace of mind. In addition, you won’t need to scramble for sources of electricity when on long-distance trips or when running low on battery.


Today’s world finds the move to an EV vehicle becoming increasingly popular. EV owners can benefit by reducing their environmental impact and also saving money. EV charging at home is becoming a more viable option as EV owners look for ways to conveniently charge their vehicles in the comfort of their own homes. With the help of a licensed electrician, EV owners can install Level 2 EV chargers in their homes. These provide faster and more reliable EV charging. To find out more, contact EV Boost and we’ll answer your questions as quick as a flash!





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